Finding Comfort Hygge Style

On this night before the day of LOVE known as Valentines Day, I’d like to share this Little Book of Hygge /Danish Secret To Happy Living by Meik Wiking. As people search for that prefect Valentine’s Day card, chocolate, flowers, about lighting a room with a candle or two, have a big old blanket, have a glass of warm tea with cookies, and a great conversation about life or watch a movie. Now that my friend is how one defines Hygge!

Hygge is about enjoying the present moment, appreciating the simple things in life which we all take for granted or ignore do to constant distractions. To the point where we lose touch with ourselves, our essence. Than sadness, anger, frustration takes over..because we never stopped our busy life’s to stop and breath..rebalance ourselves...

By the end of my intense 2018 year, as I was taking a pill to dodge a anxiety attack from happening (a new reality of mine) I found this comforting book about Hygge that totally drew my attention. If Danemark is known to be one of the happiest countries in the world, why not take some of those tools they use and apply it to this little life of mine. I feel like I had to re-educate myself on how to LOVE and respect myself all over again. The only way I knew I could heal properly is by taking the time to comfort myself by being in the moment. Realizing that buying more stuff, going on more dates..won’t bring me happiness unless I create that sacred happy space first. It’s a pleasant, challenging process to be had, but my well being demands it! 

There was a passage in the book that totally captured my attention which was,

“...if you want to hygge, there is no amount of money that you can spend which will increase the hygge factor..the more money and prestige is associated with something, the less ‘hyggeligt’ it becomes. The simpler and more primitive an activity is, the more ‘hyggeligt’ it is...”
                                                                  -Meik Wiking

See less is more, we’re so used to being told, ‘ Your Happiness is out there! In material possessions, that status in life, how one is dress,etc..’ Its not! Happiness is within, contentment is doesn’t take much to be happy, it just take the awareness of being grateful for what you have right now and where you are in life. Take that moment of calm.. fill that time with doing something you love, or with someone you love, or just meditate and appreciate the true being that you are. If you need internal it! Happiness..true happiness does come with a boat load of healthiness! 
If you want to start reconnecting with your sense of happiness..true happiness. Here a little section from the book that I found useful to start with. And we all have these items at home somewhere!! Just gotta dedicate a space and time to recharge.

This book can be found on Amazone or any book store of your choice. If you want to start 2019 on the right foot with comfort and ease...this is the book for you ! ! ! And hey, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself with some self love on Valentine’s Day!