Move to Portland

Moving to a different town in the middle of a Pandemic can sound like a bloody nightmare..but it was in fact rather smooth going. Life managed to open it’s door to a wonderful caring boyfriend, a charming Polar Bear Pupper Fluff named Georgia, and a bunch of new warm welcoming friends who made that transition the easiest one I’ve ever known. I’ll admit, two years ago..when I came out to see my sister in Portland…I fell instantly in love with this’s vibe, it’s people…it’s food…nature…something about it reminded me so much of Montréal, Québec. That crazy creative edgy healthy unique lifestyle, this is where I belong!

Chicago was great for what it gave me…and so much life changing history running through its streets. It gave me the birth of previous co-workers whom I had worked with for 5 years..gave me so much confidence in my handmade designed pieces. I owe each and everyone of them such a big thank you! And they where all inspirational women from different walks of life.

I am now living this new chapter, it’s been almost a full year since the move. And yes I had to put creative side on hold for a get adjusted to this new life and help raise Georgia with my boyfriend! (I’ve never had a that was big learning curve!)..Kitties are dears that’s a whole other ball

Here’s Georgia being cute a

I am so deeply happy for the change I took on..I cannot wait to see what Portland has to far..the food, the beer and the people here are amazing!…what else can a girl ask for..

Anyways, that is all for now friends!

À Bientôt ! ! !