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Renegade Virtual Craft Fair

Hey Everyone! It is with great excitement to announce that this evening I will be participating in Renegade’s Virtual Craft fair where on the first night of this two day event, I’ll be presenting my past and current works, why crochet, my inspirations and much much more! It will begin at 5pm to 7pm (CST) which honestly is the prefect time to bring a glass of wine or beer or tea and sit back, relax and enjoy this low key presentation. On day two, you will be invited from (12pm to 2pm) to witness first how I make my jewelry Hemp piece or pieces. I’ll should you show you the process, the material I use and how the pieces comes...

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Why Alpaca ?

‘It’s all about that face!’   Why Alpaca? Why am I dedicated this fall collection to the Alpaca yarn? First of all, I have to admit the animal itself is one of the cutest little being I’ve ever seen. After going to a Alpaca farm last summer in Quebec, I was charmed by how soft their fleece ‘fur’ was, their cute face, and how they are one of the most sustainable animals in the farming world. They defecate in the same spot they did before (like cats), their hooves doesn’t damage the grasslands, and their fleece can not only be use for yarn but also as a plant fertilizer. There are also 22 Alpaca colors, going from a cream, brown,...

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