Waiting For ‘The Covid Storm’ To Pass

It’s now been 3 weeks..almost three weeks of being at home waiting for ‘the Covid-19 Storm’ to calm the heck down. In the meantime, I’ve been surprisingly busy! I’ve managed to clean out and organize my old forgotten studio space (where I’ve spent most of my SAIC fashion years building collections from scratch). I’ve made face masks for my family (which were originally going to be for my local hospital..but they are apparently doing alright with their current supplies thankfully). I’ve been cooking, journaling, working out... taking walks around the neighborhood and learning to adapt to this new confining lifestyle. 

It’s not been easy, but somehow you gotta make the best of what you’ve got and make sure your extra careful when going outside. One thing that is so different these days is when going shopping for food at our local Grocery Store...I feel like I’m prepping to go into a surgery room: gloves (check), masks (check), plastic bag to put gloves and masks in once out of the grocery store (check), hand sanitizer (check). It’s a new reality! Especially after knowing that a staff member at my local Whole Food contracted Covid-19 a week in half ago. 

It’s a major shift for humanity...never in my vision of life would I see something like this happen. There was talk about a pandemic in the future, but I’ve always assumed it will happen when I’d get super old..not today! These days, my point of reference to deal with this is comparing it to The Spanish Flu of 1918. I’ve learned this week that people didn’t return to church in those days until 1923. Or felt comfortable enough to be in a crowded room with other people. Is that where we’re handing? Life will be different for a while once Covid is somewhat under control..for how long? Only time will tell.
I personally see this shift as a opportunity to get back to the basics. What matters to me and my surroundings right now, making good food, being productive, learning new skills, connect with friends and family..value the things we’ve often taken so often for granted! Take the time to look at nature! She’s blooming ! ! ! As frustrating as these times may be...we all needed a break from it all and take a moment to really value what life is about. At least that’s how I’m seeing it. This too will pass through the hour glass, because nothing permanent!