Welcome to HMLSTUDIO's official home and blog! It's been a journey of constant growth as a crochet designer. After a few years of searching, making, designing, trying to find that one piece that will represent the HMLSTUDIO name..it finally came down to these hats seen above. As mentioned on the About page, with the amount of hair that I have and particularities about hats, it was challenging to find the right one. I got my hands busy and simply fell in love with this particular hat design. But also being a crochet enthusiast, I've designed other crochet pieces to add a little something else to the hats. And perhaps in the near future a clothing line as well...yet as I like to say, "One mighty horse at a time!"
As for this very blog, this will be the pool of inspiration, influences, events and updates! The ideal place to discover this wildly creative and passionate crochet designer and witness her next moves as this new chapter begins. We'll see where the wind blows, but I am ready. Are you?