Why Alpaca ?

It’s all about that face!’
  Why Alpaca? Why am I dedicated this fall collection to the Alpaca yarn? First of all, I have to admit the animal itself is one of the cutest little being I’ve ever seen. After going to a Alpaca farm last summer in Quebec, I was charmed by how soft their fleece ‘fur’ was, their cute face, and how they are one of the most sustainable animals in the farming world. They defecate in the same spot they did before (like cats), their hooves doesn’t damage the grasslands, and their fleece can not only be use for yarn but also as a plant fertilizer. There are also 22 Alpaca colors, going from a cream, brown, gray and black colors. And sometimes they can have more one color on one animal itself. And they’re adorable to look at! Doesn’t it make you want to start a Alpaca farm? I know I want to do so one day! 
That’s one aspect of how the Alpaca is pretty darn cool, but there’s more! According to many online study’s that i’ve been doing these last few months, their fleece is Hypoallergenic! You know that itch when you wear a wool sweater, well my friend..because Alpaca doesn’t create that itchy oil like sheep does, your less likely to scratch yourself when you wear a Alpaca sweater than a Sheep made sweater. Not only that, the Alpaca fleece is far warmer, slightly waterproof and fire retardant. Now how cool is that?!?
  As you can see, knowing the fact that the animal is actually sustainable and the fleece has many fantastic properties, it was inevitable to take on this Alpaca themed project to heart. And it is pleasure to spread the word on how great this fleece really is. Knowing how the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, I feel responsible as a designer to make sure that the pieces I make in the future are sustainable! Going the Alpaca way is a start on this journey of sustainable fashion!